Amway Amway (American Way, in English the American way) (Quixtar in Canada, America and the Caribbean) is a multilevel marketing company founded in 1959 in EE. UU. by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos, who had the idea of creating what they called “an innovative business opportunity based on direct sales from person to person.” The company was established as the leading concept in one of the fastest growing industries today. Multilevel marketing allows you to organize a business in which products and services are offered to the final consumer through a network of “entrepreneurs” Amway. Some of these products, are among its qualities that are hypo-allergenic, Concentrated, Biodegradable.These employers generally receive income from Amway in three ways: 1) they can buy products at dealer price and sell to final consumers for a higher price 2) the provider of products provides the employer with compensation based on sales of products and consumer services 3) the supplier provides compensation for sales made through the Amway business network it has registered and educated in the business. Today, more than three million entrepreneurs distribute Amway products in more than 80 countries and territories. In February 2008 added to this list in Vietnam remain well over 85 countries where these products are distributed. In fiscal year 1999 Amway-generated through its global distribution network, product-5000 million in sales. And for 2007, Amway was the bill of 7200 million. Citation needed

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