Presentation of the series A house. A family. A mystery. A story to tell. The supernatural mysteries that confront a family and its consequences are the main ingredients of this new series produced by Plural Entertainment and recorded in HD. Someone there is set in a mysterious house that went to live a family that soon his new life will be altered by a series of inexplicable phenomena. The plot unfolds around the mystery surrounding the house and the terrible events that are happening to their new tenants: a marriage in crisis and their three children. The family moved all their hopes for a better life and above all quiet. But what they do not know is that before his arrival will happen something unexpected. A supernatural force claimed its first victim. The presences who dwell in the house did not slow onset … Created by Joaquin G rriz, DCToralla and Miguel Angel Fernandez, anyone there everyday tells a story broken by supernatural phenomena occurring in the house. Located in a seemingly idyllic urbanization, the house is home to the dream that every family. But hiding a disturbing secret, sooner or later have to face their new tenants. You are not alone. Just pay some attention to discover that there is someone there … Another of his major strengths is its solid cast, composed of actors with extensive television career.

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