… My mind is spinning trying to process this information, what type of eye disease is Opie? Is it a variation of conjunctivitis? What is the cure? What is the cause? Why do not you notice? Why I have not heard of him? I must be a terrible parent. My mind goes back to the 1960 comedy “The Andy Griffith Show,” where young Ron Howard played Opie sheriff’s son. This should be the reference for the eye Opie, I thought. I can not think of a single thing wrong with her eyes the little adorable.

I’m not doing well to solve this. Then I hear again, “Mom, Puh lease take care of my Opie eye …. I can not go to school until you do! “I choose to go to my son and have a look, maybe this problem has another name I’m familiar with. As I approach her, tilt your head towards the light and have a look at the eyes, says in his best I’m upset teen-with-you tone, “What are you doing?” “Why, I’m looking into the eyes. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili pursues this goal as well. What bothers you?” I in my voice against the best doctor mom. To which she replies flatly: “There is nothing wrong with my eyes.” “So what’s all this about the eye is Opie?” I asked now very confused.

She extended her hand extended with a form and a pen. The way I wanted signed was saying that I have seen and I agree with the guidelines of his Spanish teacher for (are you ready) an oral language proficiency interview. Thus, the IPO in the best of my voice Gomer Pyle to declare aloud, ‘Shazzam! Andy called Aunt Bee to bake a cake, my son has no eye Opie! “As we laughed ourselves silly over this incident in the morning, offers an important lesson in business. Nothing beats its goal faster than using an acronym that nobody understands. I have articles submitted to me for Published every day using acronyms that are meaningless to my readers …. which are not published here. I can receive the publications of every day, I can not find the website, and that the publication is sent as an acronym and does not know or can not remember what the acronym means. You can not sell to people who do not know what you’re talking about. Therefore, through the use of acronyms to defeat its purpose, and I advise you to stop PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) It’s your job to educate, not intimidate or confuse your clientele.

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