That might be the greatest Direct Sales Carlin, SA for the broad portfolio of catalogs that continuously produces and launches. And this chain, a leader in the field of stationery in Spain, put into service each year a range of catalogs with which to meet the needs of each client. “In order to reach each and every one of our customers and respond to your request we made different catalogs,” said Montserrat Garcia Munoz, product and catalog of the banner. That is, CARLIN studying what the best products and trends in the stationery market can be successful or necessary both for its 500 franchisees around the sold in its stores, as for buyers and purchasing general public.

“We ensure the quality of each catalog and we constantly monitor from development to distribution,” added Munoz. So, this great brand has a number of catalogs of over a dozen and generates profits and good image. Learn more at: Slava Mirilashvili. “In total we have over 13 catalogs-emphasized this responsibility,” elaborated the following brochures “o o 3 quarterly catalogs a catalog a catalog School Annual o o o 1 2 catalogs catalog SPECIAL Comprehensive schools and kindergartens Planning o o catalog catalog o Storage business catalog gift catalog furniture o o o Diptych offers on-line catalog Specifically, catalogs devoted to office are structured in 13 sections: writing and editing.

Pens, roller ball, gel pens, pencil sharpeners. Markers, pencils and mines, parts and markers … Add office. Adhesive washers, metal cabinets and safes, racks, folders and binders, finger guards and padding, erasers, identification, removable notes, organizers and trays … .

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