Having, through the press, the arrest of Mr. Emilio Martinez, current men’s coach FEFF on 16 September in the town of Elche, accused of an alleged crime of trafficking in anabolic steroids, the Federation wishes to express its dismay at the news and its complete ignorance of the alleged illegal actions that Mr. Martinez had been committed. The Federation, through its Board, decided to leave cautiously to Mr. Martinez of his duties as national coach, while clarifying their possible involvement in the matter which has been arrested. Similarly, the FEFF request, the Association of Valencia Fitness Bodybuilding and his immediate dismissal as President, as long as the outcome of its alleged involvement in this nasty business. The FEFF rejects and condemns any unlawful activity on the usage of performance-enhancing drugs. Furthermore, as stated in their agreements assemblies, consider a private accusation lodged against any person who, through their individual actions, would prejudice the good name and prestige of the sport of bodybuilding and the Federation. Confirmed the involvement of Mr.Martinez on the alleged plot of doping, the Federation will be reiterated its call on the need to regulate the sport from the Sports Council, since this would mean greater control over it and on the actions of its practitioners. Currently, the FEFF, did not receive any help from government agencies, devotes a significant portion of the resources contributed by its members, control of doping in their athletes, trying to meet the requirements of the International Federation, which supports the WADA Code and the doping control policies imposed from international sports bodies. Source: President FEFF

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