Rejoice also our Mother the Church, clothed in light so bright this temple resound with the shouts of the people. Because he has paid for us the eternal Father Adam debt and shedding their blood, canceled the receipt of the ancient sin. Because these are the Easter holidays, in which the true Lamb is sacrificed, whose blood consecrates the doors of the faithful. This is the night in which the chains of death, Christ rises triumphant from the abyss. What would we have been born if we had not been rescued What an awesome benefit of your love for us! What incomparable tenderness and love! To ransom a slave, you gave to the Son! Necessary sin of Adam, that has been erased by the death of Christ. Happy fault that merited such a Redeemer! What a night so happy! Only she knew the time that Christ rose from the dead. This is the night of which was written: “It will be the night clear as day, night lit by me joy. ” And so this holy night drives away sins, washes guilt away, returns innocence to the fallen, joy to the sad, casts out hatred, brings harmony, humbles earthly pride.

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