Bridgewater Collection The museum houses 29 paintings likewise Bridgewater Collection on loan since 1945 by the dukes of Sutherland. This family had previously exhibited at his mansion in London, damaged during the Second World War. The term deposit included the Bridgewater Madonna by Raphael and Titian’s famous paintings: The ages of man, and the couple formed by Diana and Actaeon and Diana and Callisto. Anadyomene Venus by Titian, from the Bridgewater Collection and acquired by the museum in 2003. This pair of paintings by the painter Titian was commissioned by Philip II of Spain, but sadly his successors were donated by Marshal Grammont. In 2008, both categories jumped into the headlines by announcing the Duke of Sutherland its intention to sell them at auction, prompting concern in the British government can not survive in the country. Fortunately, in December 2008 secured the acquisition of both, upon reaching the set minimum for the purchase of one of them.The other will be acquired in the next four years, according to the deadline given by the Duke. Both paintings, paid in part with private donations, will become co-owned gallery in Scotland and the National Gallery in London, which put in alternating periods of four years. In 2003, the Duke of Sutherland has already sold to the Scottish museum Anadyomene Titian’s Venus.

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