Nike Miaojue success is borrow and win – win business ideas. In the factories of footwear in the world transport, personal funds, equipments for the production of products of its own design, which shortens the cycle of production and sales, but it also saves costs and rates. Ideas determine. Report to the 17TH Party Congress pointed out that sneakers outside military and civilian integration of a nike zoom development path with Chinese characteristics. At present, China’s economic development is rapid, and constantly improve the level of science and technology, this provides fertile ground for development and space for national defense mobilization. National Defense mobilization should focus on the need to adapt to the market and the battlefield, exploring win-win point of growth and effective linking, civilian totally borrowed technology, human resources, materials, equipment and other resources to develop its value military, as they do in peacetime as in war to the military and the civil, the convergence of the mobilization of national defense built on the basis of the socio-economic development, resulting in the double benefit of social and national defense, go. convergent path of development.

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