Operation representative at your customer’s site the requirements of the automotive industry to the suppliers are today particularly high. Permanently to have an engineer to each site as a point of contact, is connected with huge additional costs. Here, resident helps engineering. Production processes in the automotive industry are complex operations. The interplay between man and machine is running with the highest precision. Around 6,000 parts are assembled in short cycle sequences until in just a few hours a new vehicle is resulted.To avoid expensive warehousing, the necessary parts delivered just in time to the site, where they are needed in the production process.

Accurate and on the exact date. What is as planned but, if even a tiny part not at the right time in the right place is or is not in the process? Here, the carmaker from parts manufacturers expected immediate presence on the ground, so that the production process is not interrupted. Resident engineering is the magic word. The right local service prevents so-called Hall incidents and ensures that it will not be in the material flow errors. And if nevertheless once an error not to prevent, resident ensures engineering that directly on-site in the shortest time is remedied and no high downtime costs or even claims may arise.

So that there will not be such dramatic situations, the specialists keep our eyes open around the clock. You check the delivered goods on behalf of manufacturers and pull in time critical components from the traffic. You decide, whether by improvement in our own workshops factory part but yet again back may in the production cycle. So, high costs are avoided by returns to the producers.Already in advance when planning new production processes are resident engineers on site and check exactly where and how the parts of their clients in the manufacturing process are integrated. Often can be avoided already at this point by the way of installation or handling of the parts that it will later lead to complications or Components during the installation are damaged and result in high costs. Another approach of the services of resident is in constant contact with the managers, production managers and masters in the work of the automobile manufacturer on the ground engineering. It knows itself, refers to himself and dealing with each other in mutual appreciation. This is of great value for situations in which it could be once critical. The cooperative behavior from the outset ensures a fair dealing with each other and prevent escalations when once something threatens to run out of control.So the service is priceless resident engineering in several ways: customer satisfaction at the carmaker, one technical preventive avoidance of indoor accidents, avoid component returns and at any time on any day qualified contact person on site at the plant and that in practical all locations, not only in Germany, but also in other locations in Europe or where it is just necessary. This pays off for everyone Parts manufacturers. Frank Deiters

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