3G-Internet" from Utel Ukrainian mobile operators are increasingly developing Web-direction in their work. The service is mobile Internet access has become one of the highest priority. So, in June operator Beeline launches service 3G-Internet", which provides services to broadband mobile Internet subscribers in the network Utel tariff plan "29." The service provides access to the Internet at speeds up to 3.6 Mbit / sec. Cost of 1 MB is 0.3 USD. Ipolzuyutsya USB-modems, which may include a notebook or laptop. It is recommended to use laptops sony series of AR, as one of the most reliable. Service "Call Me" from New Beeline – a service "Call Me", which will be useful in the case if the user has a zero balance mobile account. To use the service "Call Me", you would type USSD-command * 144 * number # and press call button.

The service is free of charge to all subscribers of Beeline. Service, "Be on the link "News for Beeline subscribers – the service" Get Connected "by which you can ask a friend to fill up your mobile account. It uses the USSD-command * 199 * phone number #. Also in February, Beeline launches new tariff "There is a theme!" for unlimited communication. In the tariff plan "There is a theme" calls to other networks in Ukraine, both mobile and stationary, are 85 cents per minute. Service "MTS-Inform" Another news from MTS-Ukraine – empowerment of service "MTS-Inform" and a new "personal secretary".

With the last service you can organize a reminder of an important event, you just need to leave your details and select the service operator way communication – via a voice message or SMS-message. The service allows you to select a voice message or order a composition as an alarm clock in the morning, order a taxi in Kiev, place your ad in electronic or printed publications, send a fax. "MTS-Kopek" Mobile operator "MTS-Ukraine" introduced a new tariff plan "MTS Kopeika" in which the first minute of conversation within the network is charged at 1 kop., and the next 15 kop. In this case there is no connection charge, but charged a daily fee – UAH 1. Cost of first minute to the numbers of other operators in Ukraine is 65 kopeks. And the next – 90 kopecks. Subscribers, connected to the tariff "MTS First" after January 27, 2008, the rate can go to the "MTS Kopeika" free. In other cases, the cost of switching to the tariff "MTS Kopeika" is 15 USD. VAT. Mobile version of "Living Magazine LiveJournal pleased us in February, and mobile operators. MTS-Ukraine has announced the launch on its WAP-portal mobile version of "Alive Magazine LiveJournal (livejournal.com). Because of this, users can read and update their diaries, comment friends via WAP-portal wap.mts.com.ua or visiting wap.lj.mts.com.ua. "Kyivstar" – a new tariff plan "Classic" Company "Kyivstar" introduced a new tariff plan "Classic" – here the price per minute call within network is 0.10 UAH., and the fee – 0.35 UAH. Cost per minute of talk time to subscribers of other mobile and fixed operators, including "Mobilych" of 0.85 UAH. Also in June, "Kyivstar" changed the conditions of service "Transfers" – paid services, "Kyivstar", including DJUICE and "Mobilych" with the service "funds transfer" will be able to transfer to each other at least one mobile hryvnia. Was reduced and minimum amount of residue on the subscriber's account after using the "Transfers" – now it is 3 USD.

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