On the Internet, as in conventional business, the money comes from consumers seeking to satisfy a need, require a service or simply looking for entertainment. Doing business online has several advantages: You do not need an office physically. Personnel requirements are minimal. Maintaining a website is very cheap. The biggest advantage is that: Your product may be exposed to thousands of users daily. First, we have to think that there are two types of products: 1. Physicists are tangible products from their origin, such as electronic equipment, clothing, personal items, books, etc..

Obviously everything that needs to be stored and sent to the final consumer. This type of products requires an infrastructure that will: produce or buy, store, distribute … and a shipping system, whether local or international. Selling such products on the Internet has operated for many businesses that already have the necessary infrastructure (production, storage, system billing and shipping). My primary interest ignores this kind of business for the extra work involved, unless you already have the product and the infrastructure to make it to the final consumer. 2. Electronics In this section we find things like eBooks (books that can be downloaded from the Internet to your computer immediately after purchase), the hosting services of this page that I read. The concept of this product is something you pay and you can have access to what you bought without waiting to receive it in the door of your house. They may be membership, music, etc..

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