Exhibition and Congress grows and strengthens international significance the exhibition for professional mobile radio and command and control centers was held for the 13th time from 26 to 28 November 2013 at the Cologne trade fair. For three days the focus of broadband PMR, the future of relations between energy and IT systems and networked security in the context of the BOS digital radio was. The German professional mobile radio Association (PMeV) and the PMRExpo of Texprocess, the EW draw positive media and Congress GmbH (EW) as a new operator. The exhibition space was 3,352 m2 with a total 151 exhibitors from 17 countries. 3.051 Trade fair visitors from 37 countries attended the broad-based event BOS forum consisting of exhibition, Colloquium, control Congress and applications forum for the first time the international.

The presentation elements are designed of 47 experts and translated for international guests to the part. The fair has developed more and more in the direction of international audience. We want to give these users from other countries a forum, to about current topics to talk about”explains Peter Damerau, Chairman of PMeV. The internationalisation of the exhibition reflected this year in the extension of the offer to the international BOS Forum and to the presence of host country France. EW CEO Kristian Senn says: we are delighted that the advanced concept of PMRExpo is 2013 so a success and would establish the new event elements in any case. The PMRExpo should be placed in the future further internationally”. “Also the moderator of the new international of BOS Forum, Tero Pesonen, was very satisfied with the format: the international BOS Forum this year was probably the best and interactive debate on the future of safety communications”.

BOS Forum was offered on two days of the fair with each five top-flight BOS experts from European countries, lectures and subsequent open discussion round and found great popularity with the audience. The focus of the Organizer is also focused on the extended service for visitors and exhibitors. The new quality of service found a very positive resonance among guests and exhibitors. That resulted in a survey during the event. For next year, the first Exhibitor applications to EW are already gone. The PMRExpo 2014 will take place again 10.2 Hall from 25 to 27 November 2014 in the Cologne trade fair.

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