The process of buying property in Spain worked for years the existence of this market and perfected to the last detail. Therefore, it is in Spain, subject to reasonable rules can not be trapped, getting here real estate. To purchase real estate is necessary, first of all, choose this property, we encourage you to "make order" for real estate while still in Russia – in which case it will save you time – because your manager will show you a pre-defined options. After selecting a property you need to select the payment method – involving credit or no credit. By the way, attractive credit options to non-residents Spain now has a total of up to 75% of the estimated project cost by 5.0-5.5% per annum for up to 30 years. Once the object is selected, you must contact the bank to request a loan, and start execution NIE (INN for foreigners) – after credit approval can enter into a contract with the seller of the object by signing a preliminary contract and making a deposit of about 10% of the cost. The following is the procedure of the transaction carried out by the notary and the final stage which is to transfer the remaining amount (the buyer or the bank, in the case of credit) on account of the seller and the signing of the Basic Contract Escritura Publica. Then the transaction is recorded in a central inventory of real estate, on which both usually takes up to 3 months.

After that, you become the full owner of property in Spain. If you decide to buy property in Spain with the assistance of credit, in the main chain should be added loan and real estate assessment for your chosen employee of the bank. Do not forget, in both cases and pay taxes when buying property. Behind this will ensure your manager, leading your transaction. Good luck to you buy!

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