Our customers often ask about the defects that arise from them when painting plastics and how to get rid of them. After all, even 10% of marriages at a flow dyeing considerable expenses. Topic is very important for manufacturers of plastics, who want to see your products in a modern attractive design, and not just a boring plastic. Of course, using only plastic dyed unit cost is lower than in color. But often, the number of orders not allow each time to buy dyed plastic desired customer color and use it fully and not the fact that we can quickly find a new customer for the same plastic. A plastic coating gives us the opportunity meet all of the most fanciful wishes of customers. So I decided to write a short recommendation on color based on seven years of experience with different plastics. Errors can occur at all stages work performed.

However, the only one who knows the weaknesses can prevent them, and related claims. Possible defects in coloring plastics adhesion failure due to inadequate maintenance, or use improper means to increase the adhesion. Shells – as the paint material has been applied too early. The emergence of so-called 'jabs of the needle' (a kind of crater), since the paint was applied too early. Craters because of insufficient cleaning.

Craters caused by the heterogeneity of plastic (low-quality plastic). Dirt because of dust. Defects in plastic – scratches, face and etc due to poor packaging and storage products between the molding and painting.

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