The most frequently asked question: “Why wooden euro-windows are so expensive?” To little to clarify this issue, we will briefly tell you about what they do manufacturers of wooden euro-windows. What is in the process of production from Manufacturer of wooden eurowindows Oasis: Shipping cut timber (planks) of the edges where it grows pine, larch, oak, and where the wood of these trees is most suitable for the manufacture of window structures. To dry the material in the special convection drying chambers. Performed quality control of drying (determined by the humidity, lack of internal stresses).

Then, the “Draft” calibration (planing) board. Cutting defects and flaws of wood (knots, pitch pockets, blue). As a result of these operations we obtain the blanks that need to splice the length and width. Therefore, we should be cutting the spine on the workpieces, the selection of lamellae in the direction of the fibers, the adhesive on the finger joint and longitudinal fusion of lamellar pieces on the press.

Calibrating the slats, adhesive and bonding in a timber press for cross-matching. Now we are ready to begin construction of the window. Produce calibration bar in size at a special 4-way machine. “Rough” trimming blanks on order specification. Manufacture of workpieces on the window center. Adhesive to finger joint construction and assembly in the frame press (Framework Press). Processing of collected articles on the perimeter of the formation of the final profile. At this joiner Work completed and we move on to finishing the product. Preparation for painting – sanding, priming. Painting in 2 layers with an intermediate grinding. Installation accessories, drainage rim seals. Installing double-glazed window, pristrelivanie bead and sealant application. Marking products. Acceptance of the product OTC. 7. Packaging products. It must be noted that at each stage of work is an interim control quality. That’s because, as a result of the rather complex process, we have finished a beautiful and safe box out of wood. Manufacturers of wooden eurowindows Not all manufacturers of wooden euro-windows are high-tech equipment that allows high-quality windows. Manufacturers of wooden eurowindows mainly produce wooden windows made of pine and oak, this material is environmentally friendly.

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