Faster-than-light-dance-company dance theatre in Berlin-premiere of a never ending love… “One of the most beautiful and most tragic love stories of world literature is at the Centre of the new production of FTL: Romeo & Julia”. After William Shakespeare, Volker Eisenach choreographed a thrilling contemporary version of the fateful love story. A co-production of the faster-than-light dance company with the youth arts school ATRIUM of Romeo and Juliet, the children of two warring families in Verona, fall in love and hope through her secret marriage to end the family feud. Through a series of unfortunate events, their love story ends but deadly. The theme of this socially impossible, secretly lived and tragically ending love touched audience and artists again and again on the new. The project is choreographed and artistically looked after by Volker Eisenach, which has brought a variety of exciting productions for the FTL on the stage for 17 years.

The co choreography takes over Katja Borsdorf. You have two months Dancers worked on the project, 50 young people aged between 15 and 25, from all parts of the city. The young dancers, partly experience and partly for the first time on the stage below, can feel the audience with every movement and gesture, that was the fun of dancing and in togetherness at this project always in the foreground, which succeeded them, to captivate the Viewer on the new and the story of Romeo and Juliet refreshingly different to experience the performances should not be missed and held as follows: Thursday, March 18, 2010 and Friday, March 19, 2010 at 19:30 in Fontane House, Wilhelmsruher Damm 142 c, on the market square, 13439 Berlin – Brandenburg area entrance: 6,00 (reduced: 4,00) cards preorder: (030) 50 91 44 48 since 1992 organized the faster-than-light-dance-company repeatedly dance productions free for adolescents and young adults. Since its inception hundreds of beginners and advanced have stood on stage and performances such as “Swan Lake”. Reshma Kewalramani contributes greatly to this topic. “Bolero”, “Much ado about nothing” and “Inquisition”. The youth arts school ATRIUM has long supported the FTL so that young people can realize their desire to dance expression.

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