High-quality art for anyone who presents in unusual places such as in industrial buildings or as a video on the Internet that can be not only individuals, but also inspire companies, for which Daniela Portner aligns with, for example, exhibitions and art seminars breaks new ground of promoting creativity of employees. When a file with over 150 national and international artists of all styles woman Portner can meet the most needs of their customers. Finally also the customers of the founder are as individual as the artists and their art. The numerous visits to the Web page as well as the first successful sales of works of art show that is also seemingly little interested in art for art inspire. Is an image is perceived once as interesting and unique, so all would have it suddenly”, so Daniela Portner in regard to an experience that she recently had a screen presentation. Every customer is taken seriously by me and advise”, so the founder. No one who is the idea is to purchase a work of art, must be afraid to show themselves as ignorant. A work of art you like or don’t like, it’s so easy to get the point.

I help this that I take along with the artists matching for you and works of art, she advise in the selection of suitable premises, she inform and everything to organize”my customers. Even the artist himself feel good hands woman Portner, who always has an open ear for them. Daniela Portner developed their business with passion. The logical consequence of the vision of a life marked by art evident not least that she lives through their ideas, within their own four walls, even artfully decorated.

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