When looking to decrease your household bills, an energy supplier with better rates. In one day 49 people have joined, click in the poster. En un dia 49 personas se han unido, haz click en el afiche. En une journee 49 personnes ont rejoint, cliquez sur l’affiche.Send a letter to Peru’s President Alan GarciaEnvia una carta al presidente de Peru Alan GarciaEnvoyez une lettre au president du Perou Your letter will reach the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Embassy in Lima PLEASE TAKE ACTION TO DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF PERU!The government of Alan Garcia in Peru is implementing free trade policies that are demeaning the rights of Indigenous peoples to their territories in the Amazon forest and the Andes mountains. Take care of the good environmental status of the municipality through ecological-environmental monitoring of the use and management of natural resources, establishing environmental protection areas, parks and ecological areas, monitors the application of legal provisions established, and cooperates with the authorities in monitoring and enforcement for the prevention and control of air pollution, water and soil.

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