Efficient test execution based on substantiated facts In the course of the quality assurance is becoming the subject of test planning for companies more and more focus. To ensure an efficient test execution, taking into account all relevant resources, eXept Software AG has integrated a management module of the test environment in expeccoNET. (www.exept.de) often the company focus in quality assurance on the test specification, but that does not automatically lead to an efficient test execution. An important part is the management of the required test infrastructure, so the test resources. Resources can be more instruments, personnel, finance, facilities and much. The challenges are the testing resources to plan that emerge no conflicts, such as schedule changes, double occupancy, and so on. The quality management module expeccoNET from eXept Software AG offers its customers the possibility of requirements to manage error and test runs, as well as to link. With the additional resource management module”the test procedure can be scheduled now based on substantiated facts.

From existing resources, creates a test implementation plan with the aim of making as many tests in a short time at specified test infrastructure. Here, that provides system information about the likely end of the test, test progress, and bottlenecks. In addition, there is the possibility to simulate the removal and the addition of resources and to evaluate their impact, to redirect any countermeasures as a result. For companies that operate a number of different, costly test environments or use a test environment for multiple projects, worth an investment in the tool-based resource management.

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