In the modern businessman or manager of any city can often be a problem, you need a custom business card that did not come to an end in time before the business meeting, an additional number of booklets presentation materials, and to print a new edition of an urgent, that is, right now. But not many companies believe it appropriate to buy their own printing equipment for these cases, which is certainly reasonable, because the capital is sufficiently has developed a line of services, such as operative polygraphy. Express printing – it's very fast and print your printing or promotional products. As Typically, offset printing services in Moscow offer a special printing and advertising agencies who own their own equipment, digital printing. Operational printing promotional products implies that used digital printing – because other methods do not allow for a limited edition in a magnificent performance in the short term.

The advantages of this method are obvious – high-speed start-up layouts and print ability to print additional little extra circulation. The minus is the fact that the services offset printing is more expensive than offset printing, in addition, hindered the use of certain printing technologies, such as stamping, termopodnyatie, foil, which suggests some of the prohibitions and requirements for the layout, but in most cases these services is not required, and many printers print and similar products in the necessary time. That wants to offer you prompt printing? Manufacturer of business cards. One of the most common cases in which require immediate printing.

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