Energy prices rise VALUE5 ENERGY reveals how to effectively save energy, save money it encounters amid the financial crisis especially Germany again the very hard way. As the potential of our purses would still not enough are maxed out, the Energiepreisschock meets us a week before the start of the Christmas season. As is well known, electricity prices will rise dramatically nationwide at the beginning of next year. For more information see Joseph Jimenez. So is an average price premium of 9.2 percent for around 14 million households. That means added value of 74 euros, which makes the electricity bill will be significantly more expensive for a budget with 4 people, which have a current consumption of 4000 kWh average in the year. VALUE5 ENERGY advises: who now already energetically provides above, must not worry to electricity price increase! Because who conserves energy, save on your electricity bill! Everything in the green zone? With rising energy costs, economical real estate will rise in the future in favor of the tenant. Like today, the energy efficiency labels on Refrigerators, washing machines and co. 9-key-players-compass-cushman/’>CB Richard Ellis is the source.

as a matter of course is considered, the energy performance certificate for any rental or prospective buyers will be granted next year. “Coveted real estate, are by then which is an identifier in the green zone” expel the energy label can. As similar as for electrical appliances is marked in the energy performance certificate using a colour scale from red to green, what energetic State of the building. With a look into the energy performance certificate to prevents nasty surprises are fluttering from one with the first electricity bill in the House, if the Energiegebrauchskennwert is too high. Energetically build and save who wants to build a House today, should equate the circumstances of rising energy costs on energy construction. Because only if you think already in the future, increases electricity prices be can have nothing more. To save energy effectively, new constructions are created.

By the zero-energy House about the passive house up to the KfW energy, all serve their purpose. Such a House but requires a high investment in the acquisition, is seen in the long term but the most optimal option, to save energy efficiently.

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