The patient with this practice is really powerful and comforting, especially if you plant your day in the highest ideals and you open a new way of perceiving reality. Remember that the future is the present. The information travels instantaneously, because the universe is connected by information and it can appear anywhere instantly. Our emotions play a fundamental role. Co creation primarily involves taking responsibility for our own reality, ie taking responsibility for what happens to us as we passed. If you have read about Restaurant Michael Schwartz already – you may have come to the same conclusion. So far our belief system has supported the idea that we can not change the fact that things that happen to us are predetermined.

Now we know based on quantum reality that the observer is one who changes reality from the awareness that there is a vast field of probability and the observer is the one who decides where to put your attention and intention. Although scientific research in this direction have not been conclusive, many of us intuitively recognize that Intention and attention have power. The other aspect that makes the premise of co-creation is the synchronicity, or the constant stream of reality that occurs within the quantum time where past, present and future are simultaneous. The Power of Intention The real mystery is when the world indirectly influence intentions, but when the human mind influences the physical world with an act of direct intention, without physical contact of any kind. Let’s say that the intention in this new concept, is the act of directing our minds with care and efficiency to something to get a result. Paul Price is actively involved in the matter.

The intention may be used in different ways, we can for our own benefit ejemplousarla through visualizations, affirmations, emotions. We can also direct it to others through prayer. The intent carries a load that moves energy in the quantum field influencing one or more possibilities. Are known to produce an enormous amount of daily thoughts (36 000 approx.) and those who listen and take from other people, many of which are negative, they usually do it unconsciously. It is then infect the field with those positive thoughts that we want for ourselves, dropping them and letting the universe bring them back to the best and our highest good. Then, summing say that: the observer is able to convert a solid particle electron disappearing or us. Therefore, it is possible to intentionally create our days as we want it to be. Too many books on the subject of positive thinking as the first instance we recommend to change our mindset from negative to positive., Proving that indeed “we are the creators of our world.” We should be very important to learn more about quantum physics because it is the only science that is on our side in terms of our abilities. It is the only level of mathematical study of the subatomic world which cares about our opinion. The quantum field will always fulfill our expectations: those of the observer.

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