With the help of theoretical TRE can effectively compare different energy sources to each other, from the simple wood (biomass) to solar PV, which requires considerable energy investments in the manufacturing of solar panels.
The estimation of the TRE is, first, simple: it is calculated, so mathematical and precise, the amount of primary energy that is needed to carry out all the processes involved in extracting the energy source that evaluation. However, although the measure of a TRE is a simple physical process devoid of ambiguity age, there is no standard agreement on what activities should be included in the measure of the economic process of a TRE. People in New York are enjoying better energy rates with and other renewable energy suppliers. Ie to what extent where you have to keep the chain of processes necessary to operate a source of energy ‘for example, if steel is used for petroleum drilling is necessary, the oil EROEI calculation of the energy used in the manufacture of the steel ‘ and the energy used in the construction of fabricated steel foundries’ and used to feed the workers who built these foundries’ For this reason, even if there is a standard, the when comparing the two energy sources TRE is necessary that these have been calculated using standardized criteria: for example, consider the energy used in manufacturing the materials needed, but not be built beyond the first stage of supply chain.
In the table below, taken from AspoItalia, is a compilation of the estimates of the TRE of the main energy sources:

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