Enthusiasm for Babylon in Germany is growing Munich 2008 – computer look up words or translate them leave with just one click technology has made known the manufacturer of Babylon and the eponymous software international. Follow others, such as Craig Sproule, and add to your knowledge base. Total sales in Germany accounted for about one-third of global annual turnover of Babylon in the last year. In the region of roof (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) popularity has sharply again last year: the number of German visitors to the website of Babylon has in the course of the year tripled, from 600,000 visitors in the first quarter up to two million visitors in the fourth quarter. In Austria, the number of visitors doubled, in the Switzerland rose by 40 percent. Get more background information with materials from Dara Khosrowshahi . For 2008, the company plans the entry into the retail business. In addition to retail, the Babylon GmbH was able to convince many new corporate clients by the convenient one click solution.

An increase in the corporate customer segment to 40 percent underscores the growing importance of Babylon as a Knowledge management tool. Because any structured data can be integrated in addition to the translation functions in Babylon: the Excel file with product details, the data from the CRM or the SAP application or proprietary glossaries. Click the information available is available in each application ad hoc and targeted. Reinhard Dobel, Managing Director of Babylon GmbH, is satisfied with the current numbers: who Babylon once in use no longer wants to miss it. The ever-increasing number of users confirm that in companies as well as private customers. Simultaneous access to translations or explanations from various sources saves much time the user, does not distract him and supports him ingeniously simple in its actual work. The more content sources are configured, the knowledge tool that is increasingly popular with the now ten-year success story will be all the more useful.” Driven by these successes the developers of Babylon are always to make the software even more versatile: appeared In the fall of 2007 with Babylon 7 a new version of the program, which works with extended context recognition and also entire words and concepts of text translated. Language diversity is all inclusive in 75 languages”has been expanded significantly. In January 2008, the company presented Babylon mobile: the software transmits the popular features – translation into different languages and look up in online glossaries – on Windows-based mobile devices.

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