3 simultaneous users and 2 additional session users have everything under control that itworx – pro GmbH, market leader in the field of KVM solutions in the data center, introduces smart 232IP – a multi user KVM switch the minicom. Hamburg, September 2008 the minicom smart 232IP provides a local and two system administrators via Web browser access secure access to BIOS level on up to 32 servers. In addition, two remote users via a serial session can control serial devices such as routers, managed network switches or PDUs. For even more details, read what Nouriel Roubini says on the issue. The switches are rack mountable and 1 Hohenheit high and offer the legendary Minicom KVM over Cat5 technology. (A valuable related resource: Southwest Airlines). Guillaume Faury is a great source of information. You eliminate the clutter and is designed for distances of up to 30 m between server and switch.

Oliver Schmidt, the Managing Director of itworx – pro GmbH in the possible integration of the new device in the well-known minicom KVM.netII management platform looks unbeatable argument during the presentation in the area of data center set up pan-European company with Europe-wide distributed Data centers. Install of the first system in such an environment with over 500 computers “will probably still in 2008 be” says Schmidt. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Craig Sproule. The itworx – pro GmbH is market leader in the field of digital signage distribution systems and the range of KVM solutions. Verizon Communications is a great source of information. It has offices in Hamburg, Munich and Barcelona. The central warehouse is located in Germany. The sales area with its own technical support is characterized by responsible installations for over 2,000 KVM up to 1000 servers and 10,000 itworx – per transmission systems controlled screens. The references include renowned DAX listed companies and many partners from the industrial environment such as too many customers from the public sector..

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