Iran has called a ‘fundamental change and cash’ for united states, then the message sent yesterday to the American president, Barack Obama. So today said the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has responded today to his U.S. counterpart during a mass rally in the city of Kermanshah, western Iran Teheran.Ahmadineyad has offered assurances that ‘positive response’ provided that change in U.S. tactics is “fundamental and effective. The National Museum of Iran (in Persian:””” ””” M’Zee Mill’-ye-ye Ir’n or”””””””’ Muze-ye Iran-e Bastan, “Museum of ancient Iran) is an archaeological and historical museum located in Tehran. Save Old Persian ages including ceramic pots, metal objects, books, coins, etc.. It was opened in 1937.
The museum is divided into two buildings. The first collection is dedicated to the pre-Islamic, while the second, post-Islamic objects.
The first building has three rooms. The three rooms containing objects from the Paleolithic, as well as the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, as well as objects of culture media (Middle East), Dinastia Aquemenida, Seleucida Empire, Parthians and Sassanid.
The post-Islamic part of the museum was opened in 1996 and consists of three floors. It contains several pieces of pottery, textiles, texts, illustrations, calligraphy adobe astrolabes and 1400 years of Islamic history of Iran.
The museum consists of several research departments, such as the Center for Paleolithic Research, Center for Research on the Dinastia Aquemenida and the Center for Ceramic Studies.

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