A week after starting with the first part, we continue with the 2. This is linked with the first, so if not leiste first it I recommend that you read it first, you have it just below this post. I hope you enjoy it! Until the 1970s, the multilevel evolved from an underground mode. In those troubled times overspread of Hustler, tahures, deluded, ghosts and pigeon peas, of dishonest companies and arduous products, but also to the contrary, serious companies, products, excellent and honest and tireless entrepreneurs who fought against everything and everyone for a future better. When was be networker to be a pariah. It was the first wave of which Richard Poe speaks to us. olution’>Charles Schwab already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In his own words, the chaos of the wave 1 ended in 1979. Source: Restaurant Michael Schwartz.

After a long and thorough investigation, the Federal Trade Commission ruled that Amway and by extension, all the network marketing-, was a business legitimate and not a pyramid scheme. The second wave would come in the 1980s, and was the stage of proliferation, which once obtained the recognition legal industry, it spread like wildfire among workers who started the part-time MLM in the majority of cases. In many cases abandoned to their fate, many fell to not knowing how to move business: training dependent exclusively on the leaders. The third wave, in the 1990s, is the phase of the mass market. New technologies, like the internet, facilitate both work, and make possible better training (in some companies much more mature), that individual multilevel began to grow as the foam: had come to the American public. In Spain go something more slow by our business culture. Today live in wave 4 of the universalization of the MLM: internet to finish with borders and has facilitated the unstoppable expansion of the MLM. For example, today we have no more than directing a candidate to our website to see a video, the business opportunity or products.

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