Hardly any other brand in the automotive world is as famous as the growing horse of Ferrari. The black stallion on a yellow background, a world-wide recognition, which is hardly comparable with any other brand. Also this image is certainly reason for the incredible popularity of this brand. To read more click here: Mike Gianoni. The black horse on yellow background, which is called in Italian “Cavallino Rampante” and the two letters S and F on each adorned hood of the built sports car in northern Italy. S and F is the way this case is the name of the successful racing team Scuderia Ferrari. Originally the horse was used as the symbol of Baron Francesco Baracca. This was an excellent pilot of the Italian Air Force in World War I, which was shot down only in 1918 after 34 successful air battles, and only because of these benefits quickly became a national hero. It was he who let the horses painted on the planes because his Air Force was actually a cavalry regiment belongs.

Even the brother of Company founder Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari Dino wore the growing horse as a military symbol in the first world war in their flag. Dino Ferrari did not survive the war. An unproven thesis is on the Cavallino Rampante, the copied the above and Baron aircraft the horse by a German pilot who had adorned the arms of the city of Stuttgart on his plane. Interestingly, the Stuttgart Porsche works integrated into the horse’s logo. 1923 Ferrari Enzo met the Countess Paolina in a car race in Ravenna, which he won at that time. The countess was the mother of Baracca. Supposedly Enzo Ferrari was given the suggestion of her horse in the coat of arms of the car to place and to lead as an emblem. The finished logo could however be used officially until 1932 in a race at Spa, as the Scuderia Ferrari, the race team and the work crew of Alfa Romeo and was not, as now, independent acts.

Meanwhile, the horse is a registered trademark and closely linked to the Ferrari brand. The yellow background because the color yellow closely with the hometown Enzo Ferrari, Modena, hangs together. It is also the Enzo Ferrari also claims is a big fan of sunflowers so easy and he has chosen yellow. In addition to Ferrari and as read, also carry the Porsche Cavallino Rampante other companies as an emblem. As could be, for example, the gas station chain Avanti in Austria, and also the former motorcycle brand Ducati. However, the black stallion and the red sports car Ferrari liiert most closely with each other and it will surely remain forever.

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