Several cards offer schemes for companies involved granting additional points or make special offers of discounts or months without interest. These programs are disseminated via direct mail, electronic mail, web portals and even through social media. This is a way in which SMEs can direct their marketing strategies a very large customer base, which have certain interests in common and achieve greater impact that doing a massive marketing banks maintained frequent correspondence with their customers through which dan to inform their customers of credit card promotions and special benefits, ranging from discounts, bonus points months without interests, etc. SMEs can be found in these programs the opportunity to target the customers of banks and doing financial marketing. Banks offer customers promotions exclisivas cn business affiliates, to use the card. SMEs can benefit from joining these programs, giving desucentos, additional points or months without interest to the cleint that consume with the card.

Thus are able to marketing to a group of high potential customers. Through communication that keep banks with their credit card customers, affiliated SMEs can find a mechanism to carry out marketing campaigns for their customer bases. This can be achieved that advertising investment is high-impact, since direct reaching a group of clients who have purchasing power and have affinity, with additional incentives for consumption through the card. Banks offer several opportunities that can be converted into commercial synergies for SMEs. Offer months without interest, special discounts for purchase or extra points for card purchases. Since these benefits can communicate by means that the Bank uses to provide information to their customers and leverage the affinity that the client has built with its customers.

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