In the anniversary year of the MTP-marketing between theory and practice e.V. meets the MTP Office Saarbrucken colour and presented on the European day of the Saarland University. On 03.05.2011, the third day of Europe in building B-4.1 took place at the University of the Saarland from 13:00 under the auspices of the Saarland Ministry of Home Affairs and European Affairs Stephan Toscani. Already the two semesters before the MTP had been represented Office Saarbrucken with its own stand. It’s just important that we are present on the Europe day as a student initiative, because marketing is no longer just a national but long since an international affair of the companies. In times of globalization and internationalization the changing conditions of our world play an important role also for the marketing”, so Dr.

Monica Kuman, 1.Vorsitzende of the MTP Office Saarbrucken. MTP-marketing between theory and practice e.V. A club. An idea. Many facets.

The non-profit MTP e.V. was founded in 1981 as a student initiative to make pragmatic marketing training at universities. Today, we see ourselves as the largest intergenerational network of students, professionals, business, and science. For about 2600 members volunteer in 17 College sites and 17 Alumni clubs. We are supported by 80 professors from the most prestigious marketing departments, as well as by over 70 regional affiliates. German specialist Publisher, power belong to the national sponsors Henkel, Evonik, focus, foods, Procter & gamble, Unilever, BBDO, BlackBerry, Allmaxx, A.S.I consulting, German education, L ‘ Oreal and the Association of communication agencies (GWA). “Numerous events and consulting projects, as well as the regularly scheduled conference marketing horizons” show the power of the Association. To build this, we invest in a comprehensive training of our members. For 30 years, MTP stands for Live marketing”. The patronage for the anniversary year 2011 and its events takes over Mrs Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister for education and research. With the Great Jubilee Congress to the 30-year existence of the Club we show in Dusseldorf from May 25-28, that MTP mass”. “From September 13-14 in subsequently find the next marketing horizons under the motto of commitment I love this brand” held in Cologne, Germany.

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