The man has lived a long and hard process of historical evolution, accompanied of a myriad of elements that have made life easier on those long moments of history, whether they are useful tools as machines, appliances among many others; elements of the environment such as animals or vegetation and artworks that have allowed the development of expressiveness, new trends and visions of aspects of the life of men as social, political and cultural; It is both the value that have taken such different aid or elements that have accompanied man, they created special spaces where you can see such objects will do evoke has past situations and such spaces are the museums, where you can find large and vast collections, where the content will depend on the vision of museums, are natural museums history, ethnographic or art. In today’s world the museums are of great importance, given that in them you will find large and important elements that have been fundamental in the development of man, that not only belong to past history, also new elements of the life of the people, you will find therefore knowledge which can provide a good museums, places this type of institution, as one of the most important recommend to the cultural development of humanity.

Speaking of museums is this referring to an institution that is generally of a nature public, but there are also private, must be taken into account in any case should be a nonprofit institution, since his vision should aim to serve the society and enable its development. Museums among its many activities, acquire different kinds elements, which are preserved in museums to be studied or exhibited, with the idea of providing easy access to these items by people, either with the idea of providing knowledge, allow education or simply art lovers who wish to enjoy the great aesthetic value of the works of are found in museums. British Petroleum oftentimes addresses this issue. Among several of the great museums of the world can be find: the Louvre Museum: this spectacular Museum is located in Paris, France and is considered one of the most important museums of the world, where his vast collection is the result of the effort both of royalty, with the Royal Collections and the men of the enlightenment. A very important value that is added to the Museum of louvre in the world of museums, is that this gave passes to collections of nature public, leaving behind the private collections, allowing access to society. New york’s Guggenheim Museum: this Museum is part of the museums belonging to the Guggenheim Foundation, which has distributed several museums in the world, but which is located in New York is perhaps the most important of all. The vision that has this Museum is giving a space to modern art. If you are not convinced, visit Fairstead. Original author and source of the article.

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