the chances for a sick, including the appropriate donor to find a kind of genetic twin. Therefore, the Stefan Morsch Foundation organizes every month nationwide so-called typing actions”: only 15 in the month of March in Unna, Bad Kreuznach, Trier and Mainz. Almost 40 typing actions are now in April on the schedule. Such actions, 3450 new, potential stem cell donor could be recruited in the first three months of the year. People.

Who have agreed, in the event of an emergency to save the life of a person suffering from leukemia with a registry. This year the Stefan Morsch Foundation has made himself also to attract especially young donors on the issue of rising. It aims to enter into collaborations with schools, colleges and universities. That is running very well”, so the Foundation. Elisabeth Terboven, Coordinator of the typing actions: The gymnasium in Hermeskeil, Idar-Oberstein and Bad Kreuznach vocational schools are very good examples of how students and Make strong headmaster for help for leukemia and tumor-sick”. Also Emil Morsch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, praised the good role model: we want to enlighten people, can help people with leukemia. That is why we have built more than 25 years ago as first donor file in Germany. “Help for leukemia and ‘ tumor patients in each question is and remains our task.

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