One of the most frequently asked questions in the field of Internet marketing which emerges especially in people who have not yet created their own products is how do I build my list? The most important thing is to create a list of people who buy from you because you are confident and have shown that your work is honest, which is really what you want to help and that you strive to add value to your products. At the time you have your own list you can extend to the 5000 mark, you should at least have a product, and most people should come from promoting that product.

Avoid anything that asks you for money to get subscribers on your list, because if you have not tried hard enough, let me assure you that compared to what you can achieve through strategic alliances and other forms, the quality of the list will not have the same impact even very large. It is the quality that matters so much for your current promotions and for future promotions. The size is definitely not all here. Concentrate your efforts on promoting your products and same time, any action that someone makes on your site, make sure you end up in one of your lists. If we see things that way, everything you do on your site will buy something, sign up for something, go to a watch list, join your affiliate program and so on. You never think something that takes them through the purchase process on your site, or any similar process, and then lose contact with them.

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