Drag & drop clickable wireframes to create annoying Web sites, too many purchase cancellations, not understandable online processes: usability you need! User-centered design makes for happier customers, and increases conversion rates at the same time. A suitable tool for it has issued the Pidoco GmbH from Berlin: you create an easy-to-use usability software suite which not only clickable wireframes, but also remote can test these wireframes (or Web prototypes) through several integrated tools. Find out how Web-based paper prototyping saves you time, cost and frustration in Web development and at the same time increases the usability and acceptance of your Web pages. The method of rapid paper prototyping to the outline of the first conceptual ideas in Web development is now firmly anchored in the development process of Web pages. The rough concept with the basic layout is brought to the paper by hand and then discussed in the team. This simple paper prototype is optimized in the discussion among experts and enough then usually as a directive or rough concept for further elaboration of the Web application.

Many concept designer with this ink already perform the first user tests (as far as that is possible), to discover the most striking weaknesses in the concept already in the prototyping stage. Because an early insight later saves time and development costs and reduces the likelihood of subsequent changes. At the same time, they increase the acceptance of their websites or mobile applications through these usability tests. Disadvantages of rapid paper prototyping as the biggest disadvantages of the classic paper prototyping have emerged but two aspects. A paper implies that you can process it badly with other computer programs or send to his colleagues. That’s why some developers have taken, to create their prototypes directly into existing software solutions such as MS Visio. By directly creating of the wireframes in the computer is processing and facilitate cooperation, but the wireframes are still just as static on paper- What is exactly the second drawback of the classic paper prototyping.

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