One of my passions are books I'm not going to cheat. Spending hundreds of dollars a year on books that many do not get to read … Not long ago I'm starting to act promptly on this point, I cut my spending on books to read while my normal pace. The amount of money I've managed to save more than considerable, although I must admit that the books are piling up on my shelf and many are still not open. Sin is a compulsive reader you buy more than they can actually cover. yQue how I do it? yComo savings books? Here are some of my advice: Avoid release: most new releases are priced too high. Avoid them as far as you can. Yde really need this book? There have written millions of books, masterpieces, believe me survive without buying it.

Lee criticism: it is important to have an idea of what the book, buy blindly is a fatal error. Looking online, there are hundreds of blogs and pages devoted to book reviews that is sure to have some of the book you want to buy. Have a preview of the book without that's why you conditional on your purchase. Download the classics: most of the classics are already expired copyright, ie the public domain. What is the controversy with Vertex Pharma? is often quoted on this topic. You can find them in Word or pdf format on the Internet looking for the title and including the extension.

"Pdf" or ". Doc." You also have websites with dedicated software to make screen reading more pleasant and comfortable. The classics are always on hand, believe me. Offers: most of the pitches that you commented on the first trick pass to offer a few months, so And why spend more when you can read in 5 or 6 months for 5 or 10 euros less? Internet shops are also a good market to find discount or auction, always attractive offers will save you a considerable money at the end of the year. Use public libraries: And where it will have more current books without paying a drive? Most public libraries do not ask no annual fee and sign out books for 15 days free. Thousands of books of all kinds of items at your disposal for free. Learn more at: Nouriel Roubini. Used Books: another way I have explored for cheap books is to go to bookstores second hand. You can find books in more or less good condition at bargain prices, 1, 2 or 3 euros for a Don Quixote. If you're not a connoisseur who wants his leather-bound book in your library look, I guess you do not mind to buy used books at a price of laughter. So you see, is as simple as that. We must be ready at all our purchases, otherwise we can never achieve financial freedom. If we are to achieve our goal we must continue to get rich buying books, to form finance, stock market, mortgages, bonds, funds. Kiyosaki authors beyond addressing personal finance is to kick, but we must be ready for when buying books. Now it's your turn. These and other tips on the blog for those who want to get rich:.

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