It paid a special tribute to the singer and Oscar winner Frank Sinatra, who died the previous year.
Tribute was paid to Western, and especially the actors Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, who died the previous year.
Steven Spielberg presented a tribute to Stanley Kubrick, who died just two weeks before the ceremony.
In addition, the Academy reminds those persons who died during the previous year: Dane Clark, Linwood G. Dunn (artist defects specialists), George Davis (art director), Dick O’Neill, Charles Lang, Norman Fell, Freddie Young, John P. Veitch (executive), E. G. Marshall, Jeanette Nolan, Alan J. Pakula (director), Jerome Robbins (choreographer), John Addison (compsositor), Susan Strasberg, Vincent Winter, James Goldman (writer), John Derek, Richard Kiley, Maureen O’Sullivan, Phil Hartman, Esther Rolle, Jean Marais, Binnie Barnes, Valerie Hobson, Gene Raymond, Huntz Hall, Akira Kurosawa (director), Alice Faye, Robert Young, and Roddy McDowall.

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Martin Scorsese tells Frank Sinatra’s life story on film. The Academy Award-winning director of “The Departed” will direct “Sinatra,” the first film about Ol ‘Blue Eyes’ life, Universal Pictures and Mandalay Pictures said Wednesday.
The star
Frank Sinatra’s life is going on film! Yes, that’s right. The music legend life story hit the big screen and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese.
The futon Critic
The series, about the family and their booming Frungillo New Jersey catering company, is from the executive producers Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.
WCBS 880 New York
Martin Scorsese tells Frank Sinatra’s life story on film. MEERandgt READ andgt

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