The Business on the Internet is also gaining in popularity because of self-employed or other retailers are offering an excellent opportunity to become known outside of the normal phone book a wider range of customers. The directories on the Internet are popular because most consumers today are increasingly looking for companies on the World Wide Web. It is particularly advantageous especially that all important company data is available within a short time and are therefore interested in a suitable company now can make the simple online find search. In addition to pure data, some companies business directories offer the ability to create an enhanced profile, which contains, among other things, additional data, such as a detailed description of the services offered. Business directories on the Internet thus offer the possibility to reach a much wider range of customers, because many consumers today place a high value on rapid availability,what can be done via email or via the agency website. While some lists its entries to a small fee offer is also possible to order for a slightly larger amount of a larger offering, which also includes an extensive advertising. Business directories on the Internet today are the modern means to leverage the existing customer base whilst also ensuring good accessibility. Another good Werbemglickeit for companies are the social bookmark services. The Social Bookmark Bookmarks are described, which are roughly comparable with bookmarks for books, while the latter will be used for the Internet. The so-called Social Bookmarks are accessed via the Internet, by various users through social tagging. There are today on the World Wide Web, different social bookmark services, where Internet users can submit a recommendation for a website, which has pleased him very well. Often theseServices used for web marketing. Is advantageous for these services, especially that the pages are usually recorded in different sectors such as technology, lodging or languages and therefore, all interested parties quickly came to his personal area of interest.

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