The money is not an instrument to trade, but has become the object of trade. The a metalicoa circulating 80 times higher than commercial transactions we do. Learn more at: Senator from Maine. Juan Torres, Professor of Economics at the University of Malaga (Spain) and analyzed the current global situation. There is a real crisis, but now is called a desaceleraciona . The seismogram of economic ups and downs drawn a sawtooth fluctuations reflecting minute speculation extraordinary fortunes, and ruin for others. At present, no transactions are made products are sold agreements, contracts, paper.

It negotiates with the buying and selling, insurance, reinsurance. Are roles, financial assets, which move with a single key result of agricultural production, housing, etc.. This exaggeration is the true nature of things, as Borges would say. Banks a Oeno we want to have money, but earn , said the millionaire businessman Spanish, Juan March. But it's a dynamic that, like bicycles falls when it stops. In recent decades, generated a huge wave of construction for output to excessive financing came from banks, from which emerged the new slavery of debt. Millions of people have mortgaged their homes to purchase. The United States emerged prime mortgage terms acquired by people with ability to pay and the subprime or trash, which gave thousands of people bankrupt, with a high risk of default and bankruptcy. All this with the connivance of the Federal Reserve. In the international markets of financial transactions, were sold a paquetesa mixed with secure mortgages mortgages basuraa a , which caused losses at banks.

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