Contents: 1. SUBMIT PROGRAM QUALIFICATIONS AND LOW PICE FOR THE 4 BIMESTRE 2. Please note that our emails are: tlatoaocomatl ricardoz40s10snte and dental insurance my cell medical insurance phone is 595-108-28-11, for any questions and information in particular. 3. REQUESTED THE PRESENCE OF ALL MASTER L S SY AREA WORKERS IN GENERAL (without exception of any) to carry out the delivery of the heels and slips, Tuesday at 12:00 hrs at the insurance companies school Year homeland attentively ask the directors to bring stamps for sign-ins and that Master Elizabeth Garcia takes any requirement in that time and signed. 4. PLEASE SPREAD THE DIRECTION OF THIS PAGE FOR ALL AREA COMPANY health to be vigilant every day on the organizational and administrative needs it. 5. Do not forget you insurance can also upload your questions and comments, by clicking on the icon “comment” which is in the health plan bottom of this page. Note: health plans I respectfully remind you that these dates are not off, are periods of contingency in which we must be mindful of our responsibilities. a nationwide provider of health insurance, specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services Appreciate your attention and ATTACHMENT TO THE INSTRUCTIONS, ARE OF YOU healthcare FOR WHAT YOU CONSIDER NECESSARY. PROFR group insurance CAREFULLY. RAMIRO tlatoa OCOMATL SCHOOL SUPERVISOR

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