Software solutions owl (INH. Jochen Balsmeier) Bieleld – in the last few months, the company software Soluition owl in the media again and again stir caused. They offered search engine Eintragunsdienstleistungen on Web pages, such as to a standard amount without Abodienstleistungen. In hindsight did himself in several Internet forums on the question, whether these claims be justified. Meanwhile several dishes made software solution owl a decision in favour of the company. This has clearly shown that these contracts can not allow compare with ordinary subscription traps.

There is both a serious and transparent contractual basis requiring at least according to independent legal advisers to the settlements. Until recently many Internet users agreed, that not must be complied with demands, since last week, but at least we now know that these opinions do not match those of the German law stand. Please visit Mike Schwartz if you seek more information. The payment-reluctant users, should be aware of the fact, that in a possible court proceedings, considerable costs on it can come to. Also many other users had to determine this in the last few weeks who would like to avoid these funds, as well as more Dunning costs and eventual SCHUFA entries, which lead to a lower credit rating, which is advised to comply with the requirements of the service provider. The software solutions company owl as well as her INH. Jochen Balsmeier, to clearly distance itself from so-called subscription traps on the Internet and are customers have problems with the quality of service, continue with continuous customer service aside. Case, the clear marking of tariffs, as well as the struktierte order was decisive for the Court of Bielefeld, in these. RA Kramers

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