Bears get new home in Prishtina Munich bear forest law firm for Intellectual Property Franke & partner patent attorneys and lawyers ( has negotiated an international government contract between the Foundation four paw, the Environment Minister of the State of Kosovo and the city of Prishtina in autumn 2012, which allows four paws than to entertain only organization in Kosovo brown bear enclosure. In a 16-hectare plot of land leased by the city of Prishtina on a bear enclosure has established now four paws for this purpose, in which bears originating from private farming can be absorbed. The enclosure contains currently 13 brown bear on 16 hectares of forest area and is located approximately 20 kilometres from Pristina. For the coming year plans four paw also to build a new training center, to raise the awareness of the Kosovar population for the environmental protection in addition to the enclosure. Lawyer Dr.

Bernd Franke, partner of the law firm and head of the team, which has drawn up the contracts that said: the special difficulty of this project initiated jointly with the Austrian Embassy there was the right people from administrative authorities in Kosovo, which bring together animal rights group four paws, the international NATO peacekeeping force, KFOR, the EU EULEX mission and Kosovar police. In saving the restaurant bears a rapid and co-ordinated approach had to be ensured.” Many owners initially fiercely resisted the expropriation of their bears. The rescue action was all the more tragic when a bear owner in Mitrovica killed two of its privately held bears without further ADO. Since autumn 2010, the private keeping of bears in Kosovo is prohibited by law. The animals, which often have been snatched in the wild at a young age by her parents and then held for commercial purposes in restaurant companies in small cages, served mainly the commercial purpose to attract many visitors to the restaurant business. A welfare is not possible. The entire project is strongly supports through the Kosovo Dr.

Dardan Gashi Minister of environment, as well as by the Austrian Ambassador couple in Kosovo, Roswitha and Dr. Johann Brieger. We are proud to have created, that all of the remaining restaurant bears have found a new accommodation and the private bear-keeping this overall de facto abolished in Kosovo the legal foundation for this”, so Dr. Dirk Franke, managing partner of the law firm Franke & partner. Contact: Franke & partner patent attorneys and lawyers Widenmayerstr. 25 80538 Munich that patent attorneys and lawyers, Munich is firm Franke & partner specializing in on intellectual property law and international treaty, as well as tax law.

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