On March 3, 2010 again comes another message from Evisos which tells us: A user wants to contact you by notice published in the notices network classified open the received mail and found the following message: Please I need information about diplomas on administrative issues, which are not very long, inform price, duration and if possible take it to distance from Moyabamba. Thank you. ALEJANDRO LEON RPM * 136640 interested: ALEJANDRO this message has been sent through the contact form on your ad published in evisos. Your email address has been kept confidential as we can see, Alejandro Leon write us asking for reports on February 23, 2010, contesto le affirmatively, but Alejandro Leon writes again, as if any ever done before to ask us again reports about the same thing, but now adds its 136640 RPM, as to make us call you, we communicate with the. Groupon describes an additional similar source. Why us writes Alejandro Leon, twice wondering exactly the same thing, I as if he has never written, nor received any information? Because Alejandro Leon seeks to buy a Diploma, wants to buy a certificate, wants to sell him the document, see as shown verbatim in his first message: I am interested in a diploma and then look in the second message, reads: which are not very long and adds his 136640 RPM in this second message. This person send us finally a third message telling us a lot of rudeness, unrepeatable, US Mint mother, us is self-conscious, because we did not want access, at their request, through a subliminal message. A subliminal message is a way of saying, with key phrase, which is not to say verbatim for fear of being denounced, rejected by to put safe reputation, good name, is a form of conversation key, so thugs around the world over the Internet, make it when they go to a coup and they don’t want you to know, what they said, or use as try against them the mails. .

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