It is again Kohlsaison in Dithmarschen again delicious cabbage specialities await the visitors of the Dithmarschen cabbage days. Dithmarschen is already celebrating the days of Kohl, and that for the 22nd time. By the 16th century. September 21 the cabbage revolves around. At least annually 80 million cabbages are harvested on Europe’s largest enclosed cabbage cultivation area on over 2,800 hectares. “Attracts a rich program, the in this year again in the Dithmarscher tradition bakery Kalle-Baker” joins. There are the popular season articles cabbage bread, cabbage rolls, and Kohlbuddel, which are considered classics now Dithmarscher. The high proportion of fresh cabbage and fine-tuned spice and herb mixture make especially tasty in flavor and juicy the baked goods.

Whether as a companion to hearty dishes or just pure lard or butter coated – the white cabbage baked goods are always a treat. Wheat flour, rye and rye wholemeal flour are a successful and strong aromatic combined here. As a snack for snack offers you Kohlbuddel, a piece of dough, filled with Kohlbratmasse. What distinguishes Kalle’s cabbage baked goods from others, is the use of only fresh cabbage. In the traditional, artisanal production is consciously finished baking mixes, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial yeast, flavourings, dyes and other E-numbers. Only the classic tools be used as yeast yeast and sourdough. “And because k-Baker” celebrates his 111th anniversary, there is a very special record attempt: a 111-metre long cabbage bread, which is sold piecemeal on September 20 in favor of the Marner kindergarten. Already on September 17, a cabbage bread for everyone takes place from 10: 00.

Dates: 17.9.2008: from 10 o’clock: cabbage bread for everyone. Registration under: Tel. 04851/9555-0 further and detailed information under: k-Baker, Mr Mark Riemann, field Street 58a, 25709 Marne, Tel. 04851/9555-0 fax. 04851 / 9555-20, author: Dr. Katrin Schafer

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