Steak consumption for the whole year. Enjoy your steaks and gourmet meat takes care of the rest of Monchengladbach – with the new concept of Steakabo 360 “by steak lovers will be delivered in 12 consecutive months per selected according to season steaks directly on the doorstep. Argentinian Entrecote, filet American or Wagyu is rind, the best of what the nature has to offer, in the gourmet meat Steakabo 360 “included. Whether for a great barbecue with friends in the winter to the perfect dinner or as a gift, the Steakabo 360 “steak consumption provides for the whole year. Gourmet meat shipped the respective month package always on the first Monday in the month. Once you place the order, and your order will be delivered automatically 12 x gourmet meat to your home. Steakabo 360″they can start at any time and from next Monday in the month after receipt of order, your personal steak box is” shipped and delivered within 24 hours. All gourmet meat steaks are fresh, without preservatives and without flavor enhancers.

“The purity of gourmet meat guaranteed pure taste: meat in top shape” natural and untreated. Enjoy your steaks and gourmet meat takes care of the rest. Your advantages at a glance: Save 10% on the normal price the shipping information about the range accounts for one-time order site on the homepage. With best recommendation gourmet meat Mariusz Licbarski

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