Game instructions for Gladiator players in Aion characteristics of Gladiator which is a gladiator in Aion is due to his strength and endurance from. CEO Angel Martinez will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You stand as a Gladiator always at the forefront and are one of the most feared close combat fighter in the game. You can also carry numerous guns, and also use them. Your most important basic attributes are your strength, your endurance and your accuracy. Paul Price addresses the importance of the matter here. Basic attributes strength 155 endurance 155 speed 100 precision 100 intelligence 90 spirit 90 weapons at your two-handed swords and halberds should focus on the weapons, because they are also supported by your skills. You act as a spare tank, because just no Knights Templar is in your group, you can rely also on sword and shield. Better to draw enemies from a distance, it is recommended sure also to take a bow, and to change, as soon as your enemies in range on a two-handed weapon. Also you can use daggers, swords and maces as a Gladiator, but your attention should be on are the above mentioned weapons and less on these.

Armor Gladiator can you wear a variety of armor, should give the plate armor, but always go first before the chainmail. Leather and cloth armor are not at all suitable for a Gladiator and nothing will bring you in the fight in. The plate armor offers the best protection against enemy attacks in the game, however. The Gladiator classes features suited due to his high level of armor protection extremely well as start class, if you have up to now no MMO experience. You’ve got the time to get up, as she holds out very much, what is their big strength in the game with this class.

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