Although to the martial art that we recognize as ancestra of lucha libre is the wrestling, there are also other similar disciplines practised by the Chinese and Egyptians; However, is the fighting initiated by the Greeks and taken up by the Romans which serves as base for wrestling in the Olympics. For his part, Mexican lucha libre is a category apart, so much that when they refer to our version of the sport in United States pronounced it in Spanish wrestling and is that Mexico is not only a sport: is a theatrical activity that involves the eternal struggle of good against evil incarnate by masked beings who performed stunts in the air as well as canvas. Although the company Mexicana de Lucha Libre (CMLL today) was founded in 1933 by Salvador Luttherot, the sport was brought to Mexico for the first time in 1910 from the hand of the Italian Giovanni Relesevitch and, independently, by Antonio Fournier. Today, there are other three companies in addition to CMLL: Asistencia Asesoria and administration, International Wrestling Revolution Group and Universal Wrestling Alliance. Mexican wrestling is divided into two seasons: Gold from the 40s to the 70s where his success was due primarily to films of El Santo and Blue Demon and the current one, that initiated in the 90 years since the creation of the Triple A when mounted more flashy shows. Mexico has excelled for many reasons and, without doubt, one of the most important is for giving him a new face to wrestling. Blessed Antoine Fournier, January 12 The Black Cordelias prepares tribute to Rayo de Jalisco Jr. in Guadalajara wrestling, MMA and Wrestling Group Ticket Packages Available (nonacienmanchester) NNM The Twelves returns Munk Fake hand tied to anti-revolution group reporters: Iran NEWS Gate

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