As you know, in our time for fashion trends the world should not only be the fair sex, but also their fellow – men. When choosing clothes and preparing his wardrobe men more capricious and selective. In search for the right things some members of the sterner sex can wander to the shops even more time than the ladies. But men do not always pay attention to the relevance of the things this season. Not to be trapped and to be the summer of 2011 to date on all fashion trends, we advise you to read our article. Most of the designers presented a collection of menswear summer 2011, focused on young people. The color scheme this summer – this is pastel shades, as well as all sorts of variations of blue, olive and beige. At the heart of the traditional style, as always, are black and white.

Summer 2011 men invited to choose clothes with graphic, ethnic and geometric prints. Asymmetric models coming summer will be out of fashion. In their place come the symmetric model with broad shoulders. One of the most fashionable items of male summer wardrobe will be shorts and sandals. Who does not like shorts, they can choose tight or loose trousers made of light materials.

As for shoes, leather sandals in the summer of 2011 should be in every fashionable male. Summer men's shirts can be translucent, demonstrating the beauty of a tanned body. It is important that men's shirts and jackets were made of lightweight, breathable materials such as linen, cotton and silk. Men should also be aware of fashion accessories, that distinguish them from the crowd. As before, we will remain in fashion big bags, sunglasses, aviators and thin leather belts. In addition, fashionable man can complete his image with bracelets and beads. Choosing clothes for yourself, do not rely only to their own taste and flavor of your companion, but also on the fashion trends of today. And then you'll look your best, prikovyvaya to his admiring glances charming ladies!

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