In the same spirit. Judge for yourself: if your customer asked him who wrote these wonderful lyrics, and he proudly answered: "Masha Copywriter (Glashka, Natasha, Sasha …)!", It will be you worthy of advertising! Who needs all these semi-official, like "Maria Ivanova", "Andrei Razumovsky", "Catherine White", etc.? Creativity – as an adult and powerful! Tip Two: immediately forget about the existence of textbooks Russian language and sites such as (and others like him)! You went to school (and even in the institute …) – hence, your knowledge of the spelling at least satisfactory (certificate can not lie!). Write articles without regard to possible errors. Not puzzling question correct style and punctuation, not to mention grammar. Imagines himself a past master word and pen, because it is all about confidence. Reason something like this: "Ha! Copywriting, great importance to these errors! You'd think customers are paying attention to them, but they do not care how well written article – the main selling style, "and adds confidence to ourselves similar cases of life.

For example, when you buy in the market is very stylish and beautiful teapot, but at home it became clear that it sparkles in the outlet and flows – this is no excuse for you to take it back! In addition, for other purchases you, of course, go to the same seller, and advise it to all your friends. Here's to your copywriting and exactly the same thing. Tip three: to properly absorb advice number two, always among the first to write an article about: a) how cool and easy to make the web, please tell us about her experiences, and b) that a copywriter can be anyone who has ever written essays in school.

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