It was written many books on the market success. However, it is unclear how experienced traders get their results. Several explanatory models are implicitly evident in these publications: 1) the psychological model – market success, according to this model, depends on self-control and psychological state of the trader. Successful traders do not necessarily have the best trading practices, or what some secrets, but they use simple method more consistently, with less emotional involvement, and therefore better management of risk. Development of commercial success is a function of development in this model. 2) scientific model – according to this model, Successful traders are obtained primarily as a result of direct and in-depth study. Markets show circuit causal interdependencies, which after a time change.

The role of research in therefore, is to uncover these schemes and to trade in line with them. This model, in a sense, is the antithesis of the psychological model. This model assumes that as soon as you discover any inefficiency in the market, it can be incorporated into mechanical systems that eliminate any, concern for the human elements of the trading process. 3) model associated with understanding the hidden formations – the model emphasizes that success in the marketplace depends on an understanding of the market. In the market there are some graphics and other formations that does not change with time, but they are not necessarily visible to the at first sight. The role of the professional trader is correct deciphering and applying these universal formations.

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