Your main advantage will certainly be a large, visible image, to secure which, in fact, created mobile stands. 5. And finally, you can use their mobile exhibition stands and between activities – for example, in the showroom. Offsite demonstrations of sales representatives What useful mobile stands for sales representatives? Having a mobile stand – you have a perfect background for a presentation, a few minutes to prepare – and your mobile stand helps you demonstrate you need figures, charts, images goods, mobile displays do not require special skills to work with them, any beginner up to 1 day learn how to use this advertising equipment in their work, use of cost-effective mobile exhibition stands are not burdensome for the advertising budget, you can plan and implement advertising campaigns with broad coverage, run ads in several regions, and it will take sales to a new level. Use a mobile exhibition stands in visiting the show presentations.

One-two mobile stand, stands for advertising, product samples, catalog, and you will represent your company to potential customers directly in his office. 3., conferences and economic forums, lectures and miniseminary If you are lecturing, conducting seminars, then you no doubt already have a mobile stand, and perhaps you’re already savvy consumer. For novices, we note that in such events we stand for advertising are used very widely. This is facilitated by following the opportunities presented by mobile advertising equipment: you can quickly locate their showy poster at any place in the hall, lobby, lounge, re-use of the stand saves you money, your stand is always at hand; most beautiful picture will not leave your address is not seen I’d like to hope that I managed to convince you and your ceo, that purchase of the mobile stand will be the most profitable investment in your advertising over the last year. To assess the effect – many companies are starting to use this technique regularly. Just remember that all advertising should be beautiful, including equipment for advertising. Do not skimp on the little things – your ad stand should be convenient, high-quality, beautiful, easy and reliable!

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